Every step of development, from the sincere pay

The development of every step stems from the sincere effort










In 1989, ruida company was established, integrated the advantages of various resources into the packaging equipment industry, began to study the automatic packaging of washing powder;The annual output of domestic washing powder has exceeded 3 million tons, and all the packaging of such a huge output of washing powder at that time was mostly done by hand. Due to the characteristics of washing powder, the packaging environment at that time was very harsh, which caused huge loss for the washing powder manufacturers and serious physical injury to the packaging staff.Under such circumstances, ruida cooperated with the former institute of packaging of the ministry of light industry to study the automatic packaging of washing powder, and began the arduous exploration of powder packaging for the ideal packaging factory of washing powder manufacturers.


In 1993, ruida successfully developed a fully automatic powder filling machine, and in 1997, it built and put into production a fully automatic production line, which ended the history of manual packaging of domestic washing powder, and officially started the step of moving from mechanization to automation production.The continuous development of ruida scale technology has solved the difficulty of dynamic weighing for domestic detergent manufacturers and ended the backward history of manual packaging of domestic detergent.


In 1997, ruida successfully developed the vertical packaging machine with independent intellectual property rights, continuously deepened its automation technology in the equipment industry, and began to provide soft bag packaging production lines for the dairy and seasoning industries.


In 2000, p&g began to use rda equipment, which ended the history of p&g not using domestic equipment, and even changed the concept of p&g purchasing equipment. At the same time, rda became the global supplier of p&g through the rigorous acceptance.To provide quality services for p&g worldwide.Unilever and kao have also used ruida equipment.


In 2002, ruida's first set of full-servo vertical packaging machine and milk powder high-precision multi-station filling production line were born in ruida. Ruida provides high-speed high-precision soft bag packaging production line and whole line of tin for milk powder packaging in the dairy industry.The birth of the production line of high-precision multi-station filling and vacuuming nitrogen-filled sealing tank of milk powder has changed the pattern that the high-end milk powder market in China is occupied by foreign equipment.Subsequently, ruida's first set of negative pressure filling equipment and the whole line of liquid milk automatic packing also came out successively, which solved the problem of labor shortage for manual packing of production enterprises.At the same time, it also has the support of nestle, mengniu, yili, mead Johnson, feihe and many other enterprises as well as foreign New Zealand and Australian dairy enterprises, occupying more than 90% of the dairy packaging market.Due to the high speed and excellent stability of the production line, amway, tomson beigen and many other well-known health products enterprises are also used for protein powder packaging.


In 2008, in the pellet pharmaceutical industry, the traditional three-sided and four-sided packaging was gradually eliminated because it could not be packaged automatically and could not meet the improvement of production capacity.Stick strip packaging bag type orderly and orderly automatic packaging and natural anti-counterfeiting, for the pellet pharmaceutical industry packaging to blow a breeze.After the delivery of STICK strip packaging production line, rda continues to expand the scope of the industry, so that automated packaging technology applied to more areas.We have started to provide automatic packaging technology solutions of particles, powders and pills for pharmaceutical and health products industry customers. Up to now, ruida has provided packaging technology services for many top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises in China, such as yangzijiang pharmaceutical co., LTD., sanjiu pharmaceutical co., LTD., Harbin pharmaceutical co., LTD., xiuzheng pharmaceutical co., LTD., etc.


In 2012, the company main business is provide fully automated packaging technology solutions and the core packaging equipment, for various industries provide turn-key project, through the engineering design, equipment procurement, the core equipment design and manufacturing, field installation and debugging and project management service, for customers to create the 'ideal plant'.


In 2020, look back at history we came over the footprint, step by step in expanding our service category and sectors, customer level and service quality are also rising, and rely on our own ability and resources to meet customer continuously put forward new challenges and requirements to us, if you want to win the favour of a larger market, we must be with an open mind, the joint parties wisdom to let our customers continued satisfaction, don't live up to their trust to us.

Trust Flow

success system


Rita machinery based on "sincerity" 2 words, we put the work when the character, use this attitude to do things to the customer, a scale from the original in place, to the packaging machine, the conveyor line, the project well, and so on, so to the goodwill obsession to the pursuit of perfect perfectly, make every piece of work, won the trust of the customers, and behind the more suppliers, cell, trust and support of our government, and has its own system, people do bad things to us, this is customers for our trust.Get the drawings we provide can make high-quality parts, this is the supplier's trust in us;The government's strong support for whatever resources we need is the government's confidence in us.A virtuous cycle system has enabled ruida to maintain healthy and stable growth for more than 20 years.

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